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Current Charity

Save The Children - Relief for Yemen 

13 million people in Yemen, many of which are children, are faced with extreme starvation. That is why this season we've decided to donate 15% of our proceeds to the Save the Children Fund to help provide supplies and medical care to these vulnerable children.


The Mission

Our mission with Frosted Threads is to provide high quality, sustainable clothing and give back to the community. 10% or more of the profits from every purchase made (including wholesale purchases) will go to a charity that can make a difference in our world.

Transparency is key with our brand. On this page, we will be releasing a quarterly statement and receipt of how much we've donated to each charity. At the end of the year, we'll generate a report totaling the contributions and receipt for each charity. 

  • Quarter 2 (May-July)
    • Save The Children - $108.30 (Retail)
    • Charity: Water - $45 (Wholesale)
  • Quarter 3 (Aug-Sept)
    • Save The Children - $168.37 (Retail)
    • Atlanta Community Food Bank - $159.30 (Wholesale)
  • Quarter 4 (Oct-Dec)
    • Save The Children - $107.59 (Season 1)
    • Atlanta Community Food Bank - $75.57 (Season 2)


  • Full Year (Jan-Dec)
    • Save The Children: $107.59
    • Atlanta Community Food Bank: $130.62


We are not affiliated with nor sponsored by SAVE THE CHILDREN. We are only donating our profits for Season 1 to this organization. We will be releasing a transparency report once this season is over detailing our finances under the Community page.

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